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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Public Relations and Sex


Boston – Someone once said that Public Relations is a little like sex: most people think they’re good at it, few really are.
For any company tight on a budget, a successful Public Relations campaign can work wonders by raising company visibility, boosting sales and customer loyalty and helping to introduce a new product. While Public Relations doesn’t displace advertising, it is a lot cheaper and far more effective in generating favorable consumer opinion because it involves a third-party media endorsement.
If you are tapping into your own market research, conducting an exclusive survey, or staging an event, you can use PR to issue newsworthy stories about these activities to the media. Making charitable donations or volunteer efforts are also valuable news topics. Even an executive’s appearance at a seminar on a panel or a seemingly run-of-the-mill speech shouldn’t be overlooked as ways to generate important company news.
A company which employs a PR firm will find that the agency provides the expertise, resources and press contacts necessary for any successful PR campaign, thus saving valuable time – time that is better spent conducting company business.
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