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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Buying Power of PR-- How to Get the Two I's

Hire a PR Firm to Get the Two I’s – Ink and Intelligence


* One PR agency compared advertising to “air cover” (bombs) which “soften up” a target while PR is “the Marines” who go in and occupy the territory.

* “Above all, make the PR firm part of your company. Too often, it’s an adversarial relationship. A company hires a firm and says, ‘Okay let’s see the SOB’s do it.’ Don’t dare them to do things. Trust them.”

* “Clients foolishly equate size with intelligence – the bigger the agency the better. What counts is the ability of the person or team on your account.”

* A New York PR counselor with more than 25 years experience said that for $20,000 a month the PR firm should be able to come up with four or five major placements a year – besides counseling and the day-in and day-out product, personnel and other routine announcements.


The Buying Power of PR


In a recent Public Relations survey, 28% of those surveyed said a magazine feature article would impact their buying decisions, while only 8% indicated the same for magazine ads.

In terms of believability, newspaper articles are believed by 95% of those surveyed; magazines are a believable information source for 89%; TV talk shows placed 71% in believability, and direct mail pieces and a celebrity endorsement rated 63% and 45%, respectively, in believability.

R.H. MACY & CO., New York valued an editorial placement at 10 times the value of the same size ad.


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