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Friday, September 08, 2006

Holiday Birthdays

Holiday Birthdays!

Unfortunately I was born at 10PM on New Year’s Eve … and I’ve never had a proper Birthday Party.

Why? Because it’s always New Year’s Eve … and O yeah, it’s also my Birthday. It always takes second place.

Even when I lived in New York and flew home on New Year’s Eve, my family would say … “Oh, we’ll celebrate it tomorrow.”

Sounds just like the Queen of England whose birthday is in April but is celebrated in June when the weather is better.

Now let’s face facts. The worst time to be born is Christmas Eve. Next, Christmas Day. Third, is New Year’s Eve.

Let’s form a Club, because I know we all have the same sad horror stories, and we can console ourselves by sharing these miserable forgettable birthdays.

You never get a Birthday gift, it’s always a “Birthday & Christmas Gift.”

When I’m out on New Year’s Eve, with friends, it’s embarrassing to say … “Oh, it’s my birthday tonight!” Right away a certain feeling is expressed and I know what they’re thinking. “Oh, do I have to pay for his bill tonight?” or “O God, I don’t have a gift for him.”

On New Year’s Eve, at 10PM, I always want to drink a toast to me, as that is the precise hour of my birth and it gets in the way of the New Year’s Celebration.

I’ve been thinking that like the Queen of England, I should possibly celebrate my birthday in the summer months when I think everyone should be born and the weather is nicer, warmer and sunnier. But I’ve yet to try it.

I remember only a few Birthday Cakes in my life! Think how many bakers have been cheated out of baking my cake and are poorer for it.

Famous people born on December-January holidays include – (my business birthday is even January 8th)

December 24th-- Ava Gardner, Ricky Martin, Howard Hughes
December 25th-- Humphrey Bogart, Cab Calloway, Conrad Hilton
December 31st-- John Denver, Donna Summer, C. Paul Luongo
January 8th-- Shirley Bassey, David Bowie, Elvis Presley

Can you just imagine how their birthdays were celebrated? Was Ava Gardner with Frank Sinatra? Did Ricky Martin celebrate La Vida Loca? Was Humphrey Bogart with Lauren Bacall? Did Cab Calloway Hi De Ho on that night? Did John Denver have a Rocky Mountain High? Did Shirley Bassey sing Goldfinger? And I’m sure Elvis celebrated with toasted Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches, right? Did Conrad Hilton check into the Waldorf? Donna Summer sings She Works Hard for Her Money?

We are Capricorns and very industrious, hard-working, intelligent people who like the fact that the goat is our symbol for our astrological sign, climbs the mountain one sure-footed step at a time and earns his wings every day.

Capricornians are conservative in social and business environments and always tell the truth. We don’t like miscreants, indolent or dishonest people.

Traditional Capricorn Traits also include practical, prudent, ambitious, disciplined, patient, careful, humorous and reserved. Also pessimistic and fatalistic, miserly and grudging, over conventional and rigid.

We are also one of the most stable and serious of the zodiacal types.

It’s been said that when practical ability allied with the drive of ambition are required in employees to make a project succeed, Capricornians are the people to hire.

Other famous Capricornians include Richard Nixon (January 9th), Sir Isaac Newton (December 25th) and Louis Pasteur (December 27th).

Write and let me know if you were born on a major holiday and we’ll celebrate together on a special night in the year. How ‘bout Bastille Day in July?

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