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Friday, September 08, 2006

50 Things That Annoy Me

50 Things That Annoy Me

Cellphone use in public places

Voice mail without human options

Automobile commercials

Furniture commercials

Boys with baseball hats backwards

Flip-Flops on men and women

Complex telephone systems

Rap, Rock and Hip-Hop

P. Diddy

Suze Orman

Britney Spears

Supermarket checkout lines

Sports programs

Homeless door openers at retail stores

Homeless pandering

Parades through the city

The circus

Red Sox fans

The Red Sox

Hugh Heffner

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

All of the Wahlbergs

Airline security

Jeans with holes

Ariana Huffington

Body odors

Menstrual odors

Misdirected mail

Rude and inept cab drivers

Heavy petting in public

Credit Card foreign outsourcing

Childproof medicine bottles meant for adults

National TV meteorologists

Unnatural blonds

Old women as bleach blonds

Dr. Phil


Body piercings


Hillary Clinton

Males wearing earrings

Ubiquitous tipping containers


Excessive air conditioning

Undercooked foods

Youth oriented media

White stretch limousines

Athletic shoes worn with business attire

People who don’t return telephone calls or emails.

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