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Thursday, September 28, 2006

PR is a Good Marketing Tool


By C. Paul Luongo

Boston, Mass. – Of all the tools at the disposal of marketing people, one of the least used, especially among smaller businesses, is public relations, or PR.

Yet the proper use of PR can have an invigorating effect on a company’s entire promotional efforts for a relatively small expenditure compared to paid advertising.

Traditional advertising and marketing materials, even when effective, carry the taint of biased information serving the self-interest of the company that produces it. Few people like the idea of being “sold”.

When prospects rely on their own positive opinion of a company or product, no matter what engendered this opinion, they are well on the way to selling themselves.

PR is the art of creating, or sustaining, a positive opinion among the public.

Marketing and PR professionals help create positive opinions through every contact a company has with the public including –

· Stories by print and broadcast media
· Customer Relations
· Community Relations
· Event Sponsorships
· Charitable Contributions

Treatment of customers is important and the easiest to monitor. Customer satisfaction studies show that happy customers inform between five and seven people about their experiences while unhappy customers tell nine to fifteen.

At C. PAUL LUONGO COMPANY, Boston, we provide these services for small business budgets beginning at only $25,000 plus expenses for a local-Regional Special News Program that guarantees maximum exposure at minimum cost.

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