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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Biotechnology PR Today

Biotechnology PR Today
By C. Paul Luongo

Public Relations, first used by our third President, Thomas Jefferson, is now being utilized successfully by Biotechnology Companies to give them the recognition they require and seek for the following reasons –

Public Companies require information to be disseminated about its product and financial status.
Communicating corporate, scientific and financial developments maintains shareholders and attracts investors.

Biotech companies are dependent on their business potential, research and development activity to be known by investors to reduce perceived risk.

Visibility, which results from sustained and effective communications, paves the way for trust which in turn translates into greater demand for the stock and higher share prices.

Key tools of a good investor relations program include presentations and telephone calls to brokers and investors, e-mails, mailings, conference calls and reporting of events on the Internet.

What attracts potential investors is managements’ credibility, financial health and business outlook plus technology merits.

Press releases announcing a major event should be followed by a conference call and then made available on the company’s website. Follow-up with major shareholders and brokers, analysts and reporters helps foster solid and durable business relationships. This integrated approach optimizes a company’s visibility, its trust and demand for stock.

Here’s a list of things to do for a small capitalization biotechnology company to get the news coverage it requires –

Develop a network of reporters interested in your company. If possible, build relationships with them before releasing your news.
Prepare a Press Kit on your company and send it to reporters by mail or e-mail including a short summary of the company, the news and context.
Highlight aspects of the story of interest to their readers. The easier you make their work the better and greater the chance of it being used.
Allow time for the media to become familiar with your information and call to stress highlights of the story for that particular news outlet.
Have your President available for reporters at all times with immediate access to direct telephone, cell phone and home phone available, in addition to e-mail address and fax number.

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