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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Press Releases


Press Releases can be an important ingredient of a company’s communications program.

Press Releases can offer the following news -

* Company Product or Service information.
* Executive Announcements
* Financial Reports
* New Business/Contracts
* Mergers or Acquisitions
* Stock Market Performance
* New Stock Issues
* Social Marketing Programs
* Employee Benefits or Labor News

According to JACK O’DWYER’S NEWSLETTER, “financial and computer editors receive about 500 news releases per week and that two-thirds of the releases are so weak that they go directly into the wastebasket.”

A good PR person must also be a good reporter to present information that is of interest to the news media, of benefit to the company and to the reader. If it doesn’t serve all three, it doesn’t work.

Matching the news outlet with the information to be imparted is important, otherwise it is a waste of time, expense and energy to send something to an inappropriate news outlet.

Lastly, always call the news outlets to reconfirm their address, telephone and name of the person to whom the news release is directed. Often, you will find that the person on your press list is no longer employed, has moved on to another responsibility or worse, you have an incorrect spelling of the person’s name.

You will achieve professional communications success if you follow these rules.

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