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Friday, September 01, 2006

Blonde Obsession

Blonde Obsession

Why is it that Americans (more than any others) feel that blonde is better? In fact, dark-haired Europeans are beautifully sophisticated.

Young, old and in-between are bleaching their hair like never before.

Bad examples on TV are Barbara Walters, Andrea Mitchell and on a local level, Susan Wornick. Not to mention certain Blacks/Asians who have done it!

I’m surprised that TV moguls have not advised their news people on their appearances.

There’s a saying that “Blondes have more fun,” but I don’t subscribe to that.

I believe that there’s nothing like your natural hair color except if you’re gray and you resort to coloring your hair only to its original color. I don’t find gray hair necessarily becoming.

I think that unnatural blondes make a mistake by appearing “less intelligent” for the sake of their hair.

There’s nothing like a handsome brunette who stands out from the pack of bleach-blondes.

People doing serious work would not change their hair color for the sake of appearances. And, they present themselves better in an intellectual manner without distraction.

“Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” was a movie with Marilyn Monroe some years ago and people have taken to believe it. It was only a movie, for God’s sake, not the real thing!

Constant photos of blondes have encouraged this philosophy and it’s become boring to see people with dark roots and blonde dyed hair. It’s not natural and is unbecoming.

It seems everyone is trying to look “Hollywood” without the physical assets to match it.

Just because movie stars, TV personalities and rap artists do it, doesn’t mean that it is proper and acceptable.

Prince Charles said it, “Everyone thinks they’re a star nowadays”. Well, it takes more than hair coloring to be a celebrity and become the Madonna’s of the world.

Madonna, as a matter of fact, is a classic example of a shrewd woman who changes her hair at the drop of a multi-million dollar contract for SHOW BUSINESS PURPOSES. She’s clever, makes millions ($80 Million on her last tour), but that’s show business, not real life.

Americans are currently walking around thinking they’re Madonna, Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson. They’re not. Give it up, for America’s sake. Be an original, not a carbon copy of some unbecoming personality.

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