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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Naked News

Want to be a Naked News Correspondent?
All the news that’s fit to strip.

The Naked News TV Show (also on the Internet) is looking for a U.S. correspondent. “They are well paid professionals” who don’t need a costly wardrobe! The show is currently seen in the U.S. on the In Demand pay per view channel ($4.95 per show). You get all the bare-naked news, stripped down and entertaining with both male and female news readers, in the buff “which makes the news more digestible” according to Lucas Tyler, former stockbroker turned news anchor. “We’re really not reporters but news readers” he emphasizes.

“It only take four minutes to disrobe gracefully and while the visitors may log for the nudity, they stay tuned for the content and superb delivery” exclaims Victoria Sinclair, Naked News’ lead anchor.

Currently, 37 million viewers in the U.S. and Canada are watching Naked News on TV as well as on the Internet, Nakednews.com, since December 1999. Ten women and four men cover International News, North American Business, Sports, Entertainment and Weather. Program I offers female presenters while program II is a male only show. They offer “naked opinion pieces slowly with feeling, inches at a time and each show is 22 minutes, streaming (streaking) live, 24 hours. Cost is $9.95 per month. You can log-on for the first two news segments free of charge!

Yes, they do get marriage proposals, weird mail, some send bank statements, but overall the naked talent states that being nude only makes them a more interesting person. If you have a foot fetish, however you’ll be disappointed, as it’s the only part of their anatomy you can’t see. “The cameras don’t go down that far”.

Personality, intelligence and ability to read well are the three most important ingredients for success on the Naked News according to staff readers. Appearance is secondary. They’ve even auditioned senior citizens (men and women) although they are yet to hire one. Now is your chance to become a Naked Tom Brokaw, simply by logging onto nakednews.com and click the audition button if you want to reveal yourself to the world with visual and verbal news charisma. You could become the next Naked News Star, with nothing to hide!