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Thursday, September 28, 2006

How to Successfully Deal with the News Media

How To Successfully Deal With The News Media
By C. Paul Luongo

* Be sure you are contacting the correct news person at the media. If not, find out before you make contact.

* Extend a helping hand – become a resource, beyond the client (company). Let them know of industry news they cover, apart from your company or client.

* Provide the media with background material and debriefings. The more you act like a clearinghouse for information the better your relationship will be.

* Network with journalists as often as possible at various charity events, sports activities or political receptions.

* Know your company and industry. Supply good accurate information. Always pitch your products and company in a way that’s realistic.

* Press releases don’t equal a media relations strategy. A release is only a tool. PR’s value is strategy, not mass mailings.

* Don’t lean on technology, pick up the phone! Develop the relationship. People like to buy lists and email everybody. You will get better results by targeting and meeting people firsthand! Email is a poor substitute for real PR strategy and targeted relationship building.

* However, if you are requested to email a story idea, here are some tips –

1. Don’t use more than one screen of copy.
2. Present clear, cogent subject lines.
3. Don’t use industry lingo or technical terms.
4. Be sure that it is addressed to the correct person.
5. Eliminate v-cards which appear as attachments.
6. Tell your media contact why the story is right for their audience.

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