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Thursday, September 28, 2006

PR Provides New Business Opportunities

How Public Relations Provides New Business Opportunities by Creating/Increasing Demand and Other Benefits


Boston, Mass. – Public Relations can be a very effective tool in providing new business opportunities for your company. Getting your company’s message before the public will increase sales by creating demand for your product or service, augmenting the value of company stock (for public companies) and helping recruit more qualified employees.

“Visibility in the news media not only enhances your advertising, it also makes it more believable,” says C. Paul Luongo, President, C. PAUL LUONGO COMPANY, Public Relations & Marketing, Boston. “It is the most efficient form of communication, reaching more people, per cost, than any other vehicle.”

Keeping the company name before the public builds a strong customer base and wide recognition. In the process, it helps the public see you as a leading expert and spokesperson for your profession or industry.

Public Relations Agencies also see things in a company that go unnoticed by employees, things that then become newsworthy items are reported by the press to give you valuable corporate exposure.

A professional public relations agency can easily find something exciting and innovating about your company to report to the media on a local, regional or national level.

And the price is right. For example, a four minute interview on the NBC-TODAY SHOW is worth $240,000 if you were to pay the current advertising cost of $30,000 per 30-second commercial. And of course, an editorial endorsement has 10 times more credibility than a paid commercial.

Caveat Emptor: Having a positive public image today can also help avert bad publicity if a future disaster strikes!

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