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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Naked Comedy

Naked Comedy

The first Wednesday of every month is the Naked Comedy Showcase at the IMPROV BOSTON, Cambridge, with Andy Ofiesh as your naked host. Yet this middle-aged, be-spectacled, chubby, out of shape, owlish looking comedian spends his daytime hours as a software engineer! Yes, the whole show is naked, 7 performers, male and female, each does a naked stand-up of about 7 minutes while telling funny stories or jokes.

Most of the comics are twenty-something or early thirties. One exception is Dr. NO NO NO, a 60-ish school teacher, who asks the audience questions about lots of things to be answered by members of the audience. Yes, he too, is naked and the questions range from oral sex, to “is sex more important than money?” to children and sex, wildest sex, etc.

There’s even a BU linguistics student who performs and I asked if any of his classmates has seen him or if he is ever propositioned. It’s a no on both counts.

The club is small, 60 seats maximum with stadium seating in the center and theatre seats on each side. The show is about 90 minutes. There is no food or booze. Admission is $10 cash or online. The audience is mixed both male and female. You must be 18 or older.

Toward the end of the show Andy asks if anyone in the audience would like to perform and sure enough, on the night I was there, a young 20-something female ripped off her clothes and told stories about her hippy parents. Amazing. However, it’s not that uncommon.

When asked about some of the strangest or wildest responses from the audience, Andy was quick to reply with a story about a couple who had come to see the show. When asked if anyone from the audience would like to join the comedians on stage, the young man was quick to volunteer, and even quicker to get his female companion equally undressed because he refused to go onstage naked unless she either donned a blindfold or did the same. To the amazement of the audience, the young woman opted out of the blindfold (and her clothing) and met her boyfriend on stage.

Another comedian that I didn’t see asks if anyone would like to perform with him but they must be naked. No problem.

Andy says, “We don’t strip; we’re just naked,” and that there are similar clubs in Worcester and New York.

1253 Cambridge St.
Cambridge, MA

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